About Just Plain Something

Katie Schenkel started Just Plain Something  in 2009 as a movie blog. For the first couple years, it was strictly a writing project, with Katie reviewing movies and writing about movie news/analysis. In 2011, Katie enlisted her boyfriend Mike to start Driving Home the Movie, a webseries where they review movies together while driving home from the theater.

As Driving Home the Movie became more popular and Katie’s freelance writing for other sites took more and more time, Just Plain Something focused more on the videos and less on the writing. Now, Katie and Mike co-host a podcast, record video game Let’s Plays, review certain television series and still do Driving Home the Movie. Katie hopes to start occasionally writing against for JPS, but for now you can find her recent work on Panels, The Mary Sue, Playboy, Quirk Books and IGN.

For more info on Katie Schenkel and her writing, visit KatieSchenkel.com.

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