Friends of Just Plain Something

These are all awesome people and projects that I support  (and many that I participate in). 

You should support them, too.

Have you ever seen a webshow called “Red vs. Blue”? Yeah, the ones with “chupathingy”. Well, these guys make those videos. They also have an amazing community site that just celebrated its 6th anniversary. I’ve been there since Day 2… literally, I signed up the day after it was started. I met some (hell, a whole lot) of my best friends on there and I can easily say the site has made me a happier and funnier person. I don’t think I would have had the courage to start JPS if I hadn’t found this site.

Jeff is one of my favorite people. He’s a big part of both the RoosterTeeth community and Awesome on Its Own (see three spots below). He’s also insanely good at drawing things on his Etch-a-Sketch. Go check out his work and join his Facebook page.

My sister project. My buddies Chris and Amy started their comic around the same time I started JPS. We both began on Blogspot and eventually moved to our own domains. The webcomic itself is irreverent and silly and Amy’s art style is distinct and fun. Summer of 2010, I wrote a “guest strip”, reinterpreting one of their older comics for my own wicked purposes.
A podcast led by Jack “Jengaship” Edathil about nerd culture, pop culture and regular culture, featuring a different guest every week. I’ve been on the show a few times and there’s talk of me being their go-to film girl. Also features Jonathan Serna and Lauren “OboeCrazy” Urban. They record it live on Tuesday evenings.
Videos of Red vs Blue users lipsyncing and dancing around to various songs. I’ve been a part of two videos so far (with two more on the way). We’re dorks, but the videos are pretty awesome… hence the name.
Jonathan Serna’s blog on gaming and movies. He does occasional video reviews that are very entertaining and get to the point so much better than my own reviews. He also plugs my website like crazy (without being asked, even) and I adore him for that.
If you’ve seen an episode of RvB, you’ve heard Trocodero (at least a few seconds of them, but sometimes whole songs!). They’re a kick ass band and I have a straight girl crush on Martha Marin. When she’s performing live, she looks just like Michelle Phiffer as crazy Catwoman… but with a accordion. On July 30, 2010, a drunk me got to jam on the piano with Trocodero’s Jeff Williams in front of some of my favorite people in the whole world. We played Portal’s “Still Alive”. It was truly glorious. <3

Gordon McAlphin’s webcomic about a movie theater. Bought one of the first ads on my site (which was a huge boost of confidence for me!). I know him a little bit and I love how crisp and clean his art style has gotten over the years. Because I can’t draw well (unless you count the stick figures in my college theatre coursebook depicting scenes from Hamlet), I wrote him a bad poem; it rhymes!

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