This is one of the things I love doing most. This project has invigorated my passion for writing and is one of the only consistencies in my life at the moment. Unfortunately, Just Plan Something has to compete with me working and paying off student loans. For now I only have so many resources to keep this going (movie tickets are expensive!). So here are some things that you, my loyal fans, can do to help me keep this going:

1. Let other people know about the site.
Like a particular review? Share it. The more people hear about Just Plain Something, the better.

2. Comment.
Nothing is quite as motivating as discovering someone left their own thoughts on the site. Even if you don’t agree with what I’ve written, as long as you are respectful and explain your own point of view intelligently, I don’t mind. Any (again, respectful) more general questions or comments can be sent to

3. Subscribe to JPS, the podcast and my Blip page.
Blip has recently added a handy subscription button to my Blip page so you can keep track of my videos! Of course, you can also subscribe to all of my posts through Google Reader and Atom.

4. Take a look at the ads on my site.
It’s run by Project Wonderful, which mostly caters to projects like this and small businesses. If you are interested in advertising on Just Plain Something, just click my affiliate program link above (and note that signing up through my affiliate program link helps me, too!).

5. Donate.
Donations keep Just Plain Something running. It allows me to not only stay afloat financially, but also gives me more opportunities to bring you great content, including better Just Plain Series episodes. Below is my donate button through Paypal.

We also have a Patreon account that brings with it special rewards. We’d really appreciate it if you could support us through Patreon.

5. Just keep coming back!
Please follow me on Twitter and send over your friends! Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep coming back. And thank you to all my readers who help get the word out about this website. I love every single one of you (yes, even you).

The picture was lovingly made by internet superstar Luke McKay.

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